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While you may be just casually scanning the web and reading things that interest you about Zambia, some of you have a more serious interest and you probably fall into one of these groups:

1) old secondary students of mine and like me are now old men(!) or more likely are children and grandchildren of those students;
2) Zambians (possibly in, from or connected with the NWP) with a personal interest; and
3) scholars world-wide with a focus on south-central Africa, or Zambia and/or the NWP. Unlike a regular book, which when published cannot be changed or commented on for others, this website (including the e-book) is meant to be a “living,” dynamic work that allows you to suggest useful ideas and materials.
If you would like to get in touch with me or someone else from the NWP, this page is one way to do it.

So whether academic or non-academic,  you can make a comment on any thing in the website by emailing me through the Contact Form below. You can also attach a photograph  in your email that might  interest me and other old friends and acquaintances from the NWP.

Or you may write me as follows: Paul David Wilkin, 61-15 98th St., #4E, Rego Park, NY  11374, USA.

To start off, I have added a photograph of Thomas Samungole (who knew both schools well) in the 1963-1968 period. This photograph was sent in late March 2014 by one of Mr. Samungole’s sons.

Thomas Samungole 1


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