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June 2016

My anxiously awaited trip to NWP was cut short due to a chest and stomach bug that struck me while traveling from Zambezi to Solwezi, to embark on the second phase of the trip.
My intention was to set up camp in Solwezi and then travel to Kasempa, Mwinilunga, Kalumbila, Lumwana and, finally Kansanshi.

But, alas! While traveling on the bus from Zambezi to Solwezi, I developed a cough and terrible chest pains. I could not get treatment in Solwezi, so on Saturday, June 11, I cancelled my entire trip to the remaining places and returned to Lusaka. In Lusaka I got the medical attention I needed and I am now fine and planning to resume my NWP trip – political situation permitting!

While in Zambezi, I was overwhelmed by the level of dilapidation of the houses, road and many infrastructure at Zambezi Boma, Zambezi Boarding School (former Balovale Secondary School) which is now characterized by roofless hostels, dining hall without tables, physics and chemistry labs without equipment and work benches!

Watch the new page, “Cinderella to Princess” which I feel should be para-phrased, “Cinderella to Princess – the story that never was!”