Fifty Years of Kasempa District 1964-2014: Change and Continuity

by Dick Jaeger

This web page has been slowly developed since September 2018. The last materials added were the February 2019 pictures of Dick himself (along with his translator) and the 1975 History of Kasempa in June 2019. The main focus remains Dick’s 96 page pdf file. In it, he provides many helpful pictures and maps of Kasempa along with his text. (The maps were done by Mr. Joseph Chilila at the University of Zambia.) Especially note the three pictures of [Jesse] Jersey Jipampala Sandasanda, an important figure in modern Kasempa/Kaonde History. Anyone interested in Kasempa District during the last 50 years is urged to read Dick’s documents. To open the first, click this link:  Kasempa by Dick Jaeger (pdf document) or for other documents, click links below. Click here to just download his Table of Contents

The following is a link to Dick’s 1981 dissertation, “Settlement patterns and rural development: a human geographical study of the Kaonde, Kasempa District, Zambia.” It is available for scholars to use at no cost from the University of Amsterdam’s website:

Dick has spent most of his academic life focused on Kasempa District. In 1975, he published the following work on the Kasempa District: A History of the Kasempa District Northwest Province Zambia 1975 (pdf document) Scholars may wish to check it, along with his other works.

Annexes added in mid-2019. These annexes can help readers with his 1975 document. He wants them placed here before the following maps: Dick_annexes_2019 (pdf document).

Maps also added by Dick in mid-2019. The heading for Maps 2A and 2B below should read: “Location village clusters in Kasempa District 1945 and 1970 (source: refer to D. Jaeger, 1981, page 85.)” He later changed map 1B and noted: A new map 1B “because  I got information that the many mining activities  have changed so much in the region of Solwezi. The district is now divided into three districts. There are several new large townships and I added  two sprawling new towns namely Kisasa and Manyinga. The latter one also became the capital of the new district Kalumbilu.”

Also, on 17th July 2019, Dick requested the following two maps of Kasempa Township and District be added: “a map of Kasempa district about 2014 and and a map of the Kasempa township about 2014.” Dick also wants readers to note that the maps have been drawn by Mr J.K. Chalila, who is in Lusaka and retired from UNZA Geography Department

Here are three photos of Dick spanning many years from about 1972 to 2010.

[Jesse] Jersey Jipampala Sandasanda was one of the first African educators in Kasempa. He is noted in my e-book as being very active in the early 1930s, but unfortunately I did not interview him. Dick tells me that he died recently as the headman of Kiboko Village, obviously at a very advanced age. Dick Jaeger had hoped to write a memorial about him, but has informed me that this is now unlikely. If Dick so decides, we shall add more material here to supplement the following three photographs.


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