Videos of the NWP by Patrick Sapallo

These two videos of the NWP are Patrick’s biggest contribution to this website. Please note that he tragically passed away following surgery on 15th May 2018.

    • The first video on Zambezi Secondary School is in Luvale, but don’t worry if you don’t understand Luvale! You can easily follow the story and see interesting pictures! Ms. Mbingila Chikumbi at Zambia National Broadcasting Company (ZNBC ) interviews Patrick. They talk about this website and secondary education (past and present) at Zambezi Secondary School.
    • The second video focuses on the modern-day makishi dancers in Zambezi District. Speaking in English, Patrick narrates events at a local festival. Makishi dances have evolved quite considerably over the last 50 years. This cultural evolution should interest not only to scholars but also everyone else. Patrick says: “Enjoy, the fun!”
    • Also, you may wish to check on “Cinderella to Princess” an audio recording in Luvale (made in 2015) > NWP: Cinderella to Princess