Frequent website users should periodically check this page for additions and changes to the website.

Mid-2019 additions: For a new page with photographs of my African Art collection, see: NWP Art.

Early-2019 additions: For materials on Zambezi Boarding Secondary School (ZBSS) and its literacy project, now visit:  Zambezi 2019-1930sAlso on the same new Zambezi page are old 1936 photos of ordinary life and living in Zambezi District. These were taken by a colonial officer, Thomas George Clayton Vaughan-Jones. While neither the 1936 photos nor the current material on ZBSS are related, they do provide an interesting time contrast of the district.

Earlier 2018 major website additions and changes

  • The website’s overall “look and feel” has changed. It is now easier to read on i-phones and i-pads thanks to AVADA, the website’s new theme.
  • Cinderella to Princess. Plans for this page abruptly changed following the tragic passing of Patrick Sapallo in May 2018 following surgery. He had a vision for this page, and planned to completely write it. This, however, was not to be. All of us: family, friends and researchers are the poorer for his passing. After much thought, In August 2018, I did my best to complete it while reflecting on Patrick’s life and love for the NWP. It is both a memorial to him as well as a commentary about the NWP’s economy in the last few years.
  • Between May 2018 and the end of the year, many less obvious changes have been made on five website pages to make them more helpful to scholars:
    • Prologue — rewritten and photos added.
    • Solwezi and Zambezi — many vignettes (pdf formats) from my 50+ year old correspondence giving precise dates about when events took place plus the old Balovale school logo and a diagram of the headmaster’s house in 1965.
    • Syracuse University (SU), Kenya and Lusaka — a four page narrative about a sentimental 1970 Xmas trip from Kenya to the NWP, Zambia and Dar es Salaam.
    • Kasempa by Dick Jaeger — updated with assorted text and photos to supplement Dick’s large 97 page pdf file. All of these materials can be freely used by anyone — either scholars or general users interested in Kasempa and Kaonde history.
    • UNZA in the NWP: 1975-79 — On 22 Dec. I added a 26 pp. pdf file with selected personal correspondence. This material may assist scholars wishing precise dates for these important years that included the Mushala rebellion and the refugee camps for both Angolans and Rhodesians fleeing their countries.
2016 & 2017: web pages added and amended 
  • February 2017: hundreds of articles on new schools opened by the Brethren and SAGM between the 1910s and 1940s. Note: these new webpages are under “Academic Writings and Sources.” (Click one of these direct links: Brethren schools or SAGM schools)
  • March 2017: A webpage created for Dick Jaeger: “Fifty Years of Kasempa District: 1964-2014.” (Click: Kasempa by Dick Jaeger)
  • 2016. a) Over 200 pictures by Alexander Nisbet. Click:” Nisbet;  b) NWP Videos by Patrick Sapallo; especially his makishi video. Click: Videos; and c) Correspondence between Muriel Williams Sanderson and David Wilkin. Click: Muriel