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This new page has just been added and is very incomplete, especially the visual material and videos for the secondary school. See the “Updates” page until it is complete.

The first thing on this new page will be all the current materials from Zambezi Boarding Secondary School (ZBSS) from late 2018 and into 2019. This material will also be updated and re-organized throughout the year.

Following the ZBSS materials are pictures from the 1930s by a colonial officer, Mr. Vaughn, a senior game and tsetse official, who spent some time visiting Zambezi (then Balovale) District. With over eight decades separating ZBSS and the very old photos, readers can get a glimpse of the enormous changes. Many more old photographs will be added in the weeks to come.


On 21st November 2018, Mr. Martin Mate  contacted me. Since June 2018, he has been been headmaster (headteacher) of ZBSS. I opened the school in January 1965 and he is now the 22nd in charge. As many readers know, this school has a very special place in my heart. (Please click this link to see the page entitled Zambezi Secondary School.) Mr. Mate and I have been corresponding since his first email. The following pictures and materials are the result as of 18th December 2018. More will be added later.

Zambezi Writers Corner (ZWC) at ZBSS

Mr. Mate passed my email on to Mr. Daniel Phiri, teacher of Literature and Languages at the school. Mr. Phiri is leading a new project called “Zambezi Writers Corner” (ZWC) that plans to tackle illiteracy in the district. In the next paragraph I quote a bit of this correspondence, through the end of November 2018, that focuses on this exciting new project. Then, following this correspondence is a 5 pp. proposal (pdf file) entitled “Develop a Writer.” They hope to use it to raise funds for their project. Last are two pdf files of their new magazine Let’s Read. You are especially encouraged to read the magazines. Just click the blue text below each picture to see their contents. (Do not click the magazine pictures.) They also have publicized this website throughout the NWP through WhatsApp.

First, some key points raised by Mr. Phiri in his 25 Nov. email about what they are doing. “It is encouraging that you still have the heart of Zambezi Boarding. We are really blessed to hear from you as your name is in the history books of Zambezi Boarding. . . . You will agree with me that illiteracy levels are quiet high in our District . . . Therefore, we came up with an organization . . . to help improve literacy levels among the learners — through a writing competition whose material will be published in a magazine called LET’S READ. This will act as a motivation to learners to continue writing. Thereafter, each year we will be holding an AWARD CEREMONY where we shall award the best writers. This will also act as a motivation to encourage other learners to continue participating in the writing competition. This is also spiced up with other activities which include Debate and Spelling Bee Competition. . . . [The magazine – two issues are below] includes interesting stories, poems and articles that our children were able to write. The world can at least read what our learners are able to do.”

Zambezi Writers Corner Proposal

Zambezi Writers Corner, Volume I: issue 1 and issue 2. Click on the blue text below to see the contents

For technical reasons, this part of the page is very incomplete. Click the link here to see this material on the Updates page:



Zambezi Photographs taken during August 1936

The 15 pictures below, of the Zambezi area, were added in March 2019. They were recently given to Dick Jaeger by a friend whose father was in the Colonial Service at the Game and Tsetse Department in Lusaka and visited Balovale. Their final location on this website will be determined later.

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