Prologue: Before the NWP

This page is a brief Prologue of Paul David Wilkin’s life before entering the NWP in 1963. 

Central Ohio. I was born in Newark, Ohio (east of Columbus) in 1939 and lived there until I went to Ashland, Ohio to attend college in 1957 and graduated in three years in 1960.

Teaching in Cleveland, 1960-1963. After college, I taught in the Cleveland Public Schools (Nathan Hale Jr. High) for three years. While doing so, I completed my M.A. at Case-Western Reserve University and started a Ph.D. in History in September 1962. I longed, however, to discover more of the wider world. Thus, in 1962, I applied for a one year Fulbright teaching scholarship in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia). I was notified that I might receive the scholarship in June 1963 just as I was planning my first trip outside of North America to Europe for one month with  a group of fellow teachers.

Fulbright scholarship and teacher. When I left America, I was told that if I was appointed whilst travelling, I would go to the London Fulbright Commission’s office for training and would not return at all to the USA to see my family or get training in Washington DC.

Copenhagen: David and the Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

In Copenhagen, mid-point of my trip, I was told to report to London in 10 days for training and preparation before flying onward to Zambia. While my time in London was to be two weeks, it became one month because of full flights to Zambia. London became my first total submersion in a new culture and country. I used these weeks to  vigorously acquire a wider perspective on at least the wider English-speaking world.

Arrival in ZambiaWhen I arrived in Zambia in September 1963, I was 24 years old (and looked younger!).