NWP: Cinderella to Princess

Patrick Sapallo hopes to develop this web page in 2018. These changes will focus on the NWP’s development in recent years.

Special note:
On 10th October 2015, Charles Rea in Mwinilunga sent links to two new websites for the Mwinilunga District. These websites describe projects that contribute to the district’s economic and generation development. These websites are worth checking out.


Additional 2014-2015 pictures of Zambian NWP friends that supplement those at the top of the initial webpage.


On 19th August 2015, the audio interview below was removed from the website’s first page and placed here temporarily here until David and Patrick reconsider its use. Luvale speakers will find it interesting; others less so. This interview is between¬†Patrick and a member of the ZNBC staff. For non-Zambian users, Patrick wants everyone to know that “Chiyoyelo” (audio interview) is the name of the Luvale program. The audio and the video will be titled: “Kushimutwila vya Website” or “Mujimbu wa Website.” Like both videos at the top of the website’s first page, this was added in April 2015.