Kasempa by Dick Jaeger

The actual title of this page is: “Fifty Years of Kasempa District 1964-2014: Change and Continuity” by Dick Jaeger

Initially (early March 2017) this webpage consists solely of a 96 page pdf file with three parts divided into six chapters. Dick Jaeger (the author) along with Patrick Sapallo and myself will decide later more about this page’s appearance. It has many helpful pictures and maps as well as text. Anyone interested in Kasempa District during the last 50 years is strongly urged to read it.

Simply click the green link “Kasempa” below to open this large pdf file of 96 pp.

Kasempa by Dick Jaeger

[OR to just download a Word document to your hard drive with just the title page and table of contents, click on this green Table of Contents]


March 2017