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Fifty Years of Kasempa District 1964-2014: Change and Continuity

by Dick Jaeger

Currently this page consists solely of a 96 page pdf file with three parts divided into six chapters. Dick Jaeger (the author) and myself must work on the page’s appearance. Dick provides many helpful pictures and maps of Kasempa with his text. Anyone interested in Kasempa District during the last 50 years is strongly urged to read it. Simply click the link “Kasempa” below to open this large 96 page pdf file.

Kasempa by Dick Jaeger (pdf document)

[OR click this link for the Table of Contents]


Please use the following link to see more Kaonde / Kasempa materials. This is a website being developed by Bright Muya Kifita and his colleagues who wish to help everyone know more about their beloved part of the world: https://kaondewordpress.wordpress.com/


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